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What It’s All About

22 Feb

(Below is an excerpt from a longer, personal letter about my 18 mile journey – click here to see the full letter.)

On August 17, 2007 my brother Jeff’s suffering became so unbearable that he ended his life.   Jeff was more than a big brother to me, he was one of my best friends and closest confidantes.  He was the kindest and most thoughtful person I ever had the honor of knowing.  Not to mention, he made me laugh like a monkey (his words, not mine).  My family suffered an indescribable loss that day and to this day, but in my small mind, so did the rest of the world, who forever lost the chance to meet my gentle giant of a brother.

A little less than three years from his death, on June 26th at sunset, I’ll set out with my family and 3000 other people who’ve been touched by depression or suicide, to walk eighteen miles over ten hours through the Boston night, as part of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s “Out of the Darkness” national fundraiser.  The money raised directly supports scientific research, education, and outreach related to depression and suicide.   To see the inspiring, brief video about the “Out of the Darkness” walk that took place in Chicago last year, click here.  This is the video that made it abundantly clear that this adventure is something I wanted, needed to do.

Here’s why: Every 16 minutes someone in America dies by suicide.   And every 1 minute in America someone attempts suicide.

I’m asking for your tremendous generosity in supporting this journey, my brother’s memory, and the invaluable mission to save countless lives and raise awareness.  If you or anyone you care about has been impacted by depression or suicide, this is a rare opportunity to make a difference.  Each walker is required to raise $1000 – my goal is to raise $10,000!  To learn more about The (impressive) American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and where your money will go, click here.

To make a donation TODAY please go to my fundraising page here.  Also, please forward this information to anyone you know who may be moved by the cause.

If you’re on Facebook, will you please join my group “walking 18 miles in my brother’s memory“? This is the easiest way to find out when I’ve posted something new to this blog.

With love and huge gratitude to you for your anticipated generosity,